Tuesday, September 9, 2008

More pictures of Alcatraz

This is us in one of the cells known as "the hole" where prisoners were kept sometimes up to 11 days as punishment for being really bad. It had double doors and was pretty much just 4 cement walls and pitch black when the doors are shut. It was really pretty creepy.
This is us on the island outside of the control room and wardens office at Alcatraz looking over to San Francisco.
This is one of the famous cell blocks in Alcatraz where some of the most dangerous criminals in the country were kept. This is where Al Capone, and "Machine Gun" Kelly were housed.
This is a view of Alcatraz on our boat ride back to the pier.


This is Carter and Cambree on the boat ride over to Alcatraz
Views of Alcatraz on our boat ride
The view from the boat dock at Alcatraz
Carter and Cambree sitting in one of the prison cells at Alcatraz

More Muir Woods Pictures

Muir Woods National Park

Our first day in San Francisco, we visited the Muir Woods National Park. I was absolutely blown away at how BIG some of those old Redwood Trees are. I couldn't believe how beautiful it was down there in all those trees. It was actually pretty dark and so a lot of our pictures didn't turn out perfect, but we had a lot of fun. Oh yeah, we also saw 3 deer while we were there.

More Jelly Belly pictures!

Do You Know What I mean, Jelly Bean?

Here is a picture of the Sample Bar where you could try all the jelly beans that you wanted.

Here is a picture of Cambree standing in front of the "booger" flavored jelly beans
All over the factory were works of art just like this one made out of jelly belly beans. They were absolutely amazing!

Jelly Belly Factory

Our next stop on our way to San Francisco was in Fairfield, to visit the Famous Jelly Belly Factory. It was amazing to see how so many different types of jelly beans and other different candies are made. I never knew some of the history behind Jelly Bellys and the factory was absolutely amazing. They had a sample bar that you could visit and eat all the jelly beans that you wanted. I tried most of them except for the nasty ones that they make (like booger, vomit, and baby wipe). Yes, believe it or not, they make flavors like these. I was amazed at how many different flavors they have.

Grand Sierra Hotel in Reno

On our way to San Francisco, we stopped in Reno and stayed at the Grand Sierra Hotel. The coolest thing about staying there, was the awesome driving range that they had outside. It was basically a lake with little islands. All of the islands had targets and you could win different prizes by hitting the targets. The golf balls looked and felt like regular golf balls but they were "floating" golf balls and there were guys in boats that would go around and scoop all the balls up. Christy and I took the kids, and Bryce and Amanda took Emmy, and we all had fun hitting balls.