Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Carter's FAT CATS Birthday party

Last friday night was Carter's birthday party with all of his friends. Carter invited a bunch of his friends from school to his birthday party down at FatCats at the Solomon Center. We got the iFly room all to ourselves. All the kids got to eat as much pizza and drink as much sprite and rootbeer as they wanted, while they all bowled. They all got to bowl for an hour and a half. After bowling, everyone got a handful of tokens to go and play arcades and the different games. Then it was back up to the party room to open up presents and eat birthday cake. Carter's cake was a firefighter cupcake cake. The cupcakes were really good. A few of the boys ate two or three of them. Carter told us that this was his funnest birthday party ever. We have also had several parents call us and thank us, and tell us that their kids haven't stopped talking about Carter's party and how cool it was. Thanks to all the parents that came and helped out. Also, thank-you Kyle and Emily for helping us that night.

Carter & his little (girl) friend, Paige
Cambree & McClay

Carter & Will Hip-Hop Dancing
Carter & Tayson