Friday, March 19, 2010

San Digeo Temple

Saturday afternoon, Christy and I were invited to attend our friend's sealing at the San Diego Temple. We were both reallly excited because neither of us had ever been to the San Diego Temple. It was even more beautiful and incredible than we could have imagined. What an awesome temple. We met a bunch of family and friends that were also there to see Sara, Evan, and Braxton get sealed. The Sealing ceremony was awesome. The sealing room was beautiful and the whole experience was just plain amazing. Thanks Sara and Evan for letting us share your special day with you. After the ceremony and all the pictures outside, we all went over across from the temple and ate at a place called island burger. The food was amazing and we all had fun together.

Sara, Evan, and Braxton
Me, Christy, Emily, and Kyle

outside the temple at sunset

Day at the beach in San Diego

Saturday we spent the day at the beach down in San Diego. We started at Belmont park and walked all the way down to the pier. We had fun people watching and watching the waves roll in. We hung out on the pier for a little while watching the surfers and fisherman catch fish. It was very entertaining. We stopped to eat at fat-burger and did some shopping. On the way back, we walked on the beach and collected a lot of neat sea-shells for our kids. We didn't do any swimming, but we did walk out into the ocean and get our feet and legs wet. When we got back to belmont park, we did some shopping in some really cool stores. It was a very fun and relaxing day.
out on the pier

collecting sea-shells for our kids

Christy's "windy hair" shot

Anniversary in Disneyland

This year we celebrated our anniversary in Disneyland. (just the two of us, no kids) The weather was perfect, the park wasn't too crowded, and we had a blast. There were a few times when we missed our kids, but for the most part, it was nice to just be us and do what what we wanted to do.