Thursday, January 24, 2013

Calee's birthday cake!

This year Calee decided that she wanted a Little Mermaid birthday party. Our friend Stephanie Petersen, who is an awesome cake maker, made this cute Little Mermaid cake for Calee's Little Mermaid friends birthday party today. Calee loves it! Thanks Stephanie!!!

Carter gets his Arrow of Light!

Tonight was pack night and we couldn't be prouder of Carter. He has loved being Cub Scout and he has worked really hard this last year and earned all 20 of his activity badges in Webelos. He also earned his Arrow of Light award tonight. We are so glad that he has such a love for the scouting program. He is such a good boy and we just love him so much. Now he moves on from cub scouts to Boy Scouts!!!

 Carter performing magic tricks for everyone

Package from Japan!!!

Our kids were very excited to receive a package from their cousin Carlie, who is serving a mission in Japan. They couldn't wait to open it up and see what was inside. Carlie sent them each a letter and chopsticks. She also sent Calee a little puzzle, some stickers and coin purse filled with Japanese coins for her birthday. Our kids love Carlie so much and they miss her a lot. She is such a great example to our kids. We are so proud of her and for serving a mission.

ICE Storm of 2013

I don't ever remember having freezing rain and there being ice everywhere. We did today and this is what our driveway looked like. We could have put on our ice skates and played some ice hockey. It was crazy!