Monday, November 24, 2008

Carter's new glasses!

Well, Christy and I knew when we got married that our kids would all be doomed to wear glasses. We both wore them growing up and still wear glasses. Luckily, glasses are pretty cool these days. Carter has been pretty excited about them since the day he got them. He wears them when he is in class and he takes them off to play at recess. The first day that he wore them to school, he came home all excited because his friend Paige told him that she likes his glasses and that they make him look handsome. I think that he is getting adjusted to wearing them. I can't believe how much older they make him look.

Happy Birthday Grandma!

It was my Grandma Call's 75th birthday today. I just want her to know that I lover her very much and that I think that she is the best grandma ever. I am lucky to have lived close to her my whole entire life. For those that don't know this, my Grandma cooks for the whole family (about 30 people, or more) almost every sunday. Her roast, potatoes & gravy are unbeatable. My Grandma also throws the best Halloween party every year. My Grandma is always fun, always hip, and she loves her grandkids and great-grandkids very much. Happy Birthday Grandma!

Cambree's Field Trip to the Treehouse!

Cambree's pre-school class took a field trip to the Treehouse last week. Our kids love to go to the treehouse. It is one of their favorite places. Christy took Calee and went with Cambree and the rest of her class. Christy snapped these cute pictures of the girls.
Calee playing like a "big" girl

Cambree and her friend Kylie