Wednesday, August 22, 2012

golfing with my buddy!

Carter begs me to go golfing almost every day. I decided to take the day off on tuesday to spend with the kids before they had to start school on wednesday. I got up and made the kids cinnamon rolls for breakfast and then Carter and I went golfing at Ben Lomond. We had a really fun round. Carter surprised me with a lot of really good shots. I am proud of how well he is doing at golf. It was fun to be out there with him and spend some time together. I am glad that I have a golfing buddy for life. After golf, we went and got the girls, and I took them all to Mcdonalds for lunch. After lunch they wanted to swim with their friends. It was a fun day. Last day of summer vacation!

First Day of School!!!

Our kids were so excited for their first day of school. It was fun setting new clothes out last night with them and getting their backpacks ready. We also had to find their bike locks and keys and get them ready. They were up early this morning and anxious to get to school and see their friends. They are growing up so fast! We love them so much and are so proud of them!