Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November 2011 worst blogging month ever!

Christy has been reminding me every couple of nights that the blog is outdated. I am not sure what happened to the month of November. It came and went in a flash. I know we were busy and I know that we did a  lot of fun stuff like always, but I didn't take many pictures in November. So, I am posting the few pictures that we did take in November.

 Future hair-stylist maybe?
Calee looked so cute, sitting there, doing her American Girl Doll's hair

 We just love our little Indian girl.
Calee made this in pre-school and was so excited to show us.
Don't ask about the green dress-up underneath that she thought she needed to wear.

Here is a close-up of our Thanksgiving Turkey that Christy and I cooked for the family. This was the first year that we have ever had everyone over to our house for Thanksgiving dinner and so it was up to us to cook the perfect turkey. We were a little nervous, but our turkey ended up looking and tasting amazing. Good job Christy! you did awesome! love ya!

We got our Christmas tree all set up a few days ago. We were lucky enough to acquire this beatiful, ten foot tall, pre-lit Modern Display Christmas tree from some friends last year. It is big, and a little tricky to get put up, but once it is up and lit it looks amazing. Our kids opted for the "Disney" tree this year, so it is covered with lots of bright colored bulbs and fun disney ornaments.

Yesterday was dance performance day. There is nothing better in this whole, wide world, than watching Carter play sports and watching our cute girls dance. Here are some pictures of our cute little dancers.