Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt at Grandma's House

I guess my mom thought our kids needed more candy! She had a really fun Easter Egg Hunt in her backyard for all the kids. They had a blast running around the yard finding all the eggs. Some of the eggs had money in them. Also they each got one big egg which they could turn in for a "big" prize which happened to be a squirt gun. So yes, after the Easter egg hunt, we had a water fight with squirt guns. It was a lot of fun.

Easter Morning

Our whole family went to church together at my parents ward in Pleasant View this sunday. It was really awesome. Carter, Eli, and Owen wore matching shirts and pants, and Cambree, Calee, and Isabelle wore matching dresses. The boys looked very handsome and the girls all looked really cute.

Coloring Easter Eggs at Grandma's House

Our kids love to color Easter Eggs. That is one thing about Easter that they absolutely love. We always make them strip down in order to do it, just in case they spill the dye. So here is Carter, Cambree, Eli, and Owen all shirtless and sitting on the counter coloring eggs with my sister Emily. After they ran out of eggs, my mom had this crazy idea that they should dye feet. So, that is why their feet are dyed in the pictures.

Easter Egg Hunt!

Every year we go to Pleasant View's Saturday morning Easter Egg Hunt. This year the weather was really nice and our kids had a blast. Kevin and Mandy are in town this week and so Eli and Owen got to come to the Easter Egg hunt too. This was also Calee's first big Easter Egg Hunt.

From L to R (Carter, Cambree, Calee, Isabelle, Owen, Eli)