Friday, September 26, 2008

Cambree's field trip to the dinosaur park

Cambree is back in pre-school again with Mrs. Sargent. She absolutely loves school and she is quite a little smarty-pants. As smart as she is, she probably could have gone to kindergarten this year, but she is really looking forward to another year with Laura and all of her friends.
Cambree outside at the Dinosaur park
Look at those big ears!

Carter's first black eye

Carter had his first black eye this month. No it wasn't a 1st grade recess brawl. It was just a traumatic soccer accident.
Ironically, Owen got a black eye too, while he was in town. Owen didn't get his in a fight either, he got his by running right into a table at Bellas restaurant at my Mom's 50th birthday party.
Here is a picture of Carter and Cambree with their cousins, Eli and Owen (Kevin & Mandy's kids) while they were in town visiting from Montana this month.