Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Our new dining table and chairs

Christy and I have wanted a new dining table and chairs for a LONG time. We have had the same dining table and chairs 12 years (since we were married). Our old table came from JC Penneys when Christy and her mom used to work there. It was a nice table, but it had a crack in the top. Christy's mom bought it for us for ten dollars and my Dad fixed the crack for us. It served us well the last 12 years, but it was time to finally buy a new one. Christy and I have always wanted a black counter height table with a natural wood top. I decided to take pictures of our old table and put it for sale on KSL classifieds. I had someone call me about twenty minutes later and tell me they wanted to buy it. so.... we went to dinner and to RC willeys to pick us out a new dining table and chairs. They had the perfect set. The one we have always wanted.

Blue and Gold Banquet Luau

Last thursday night was the cub scout blue and gold banquet. Carter was sick with the flu, but luckily he was feeling well enough to attend. Our ward has amazing cub scout leaders and they put together a really awesome Luau for all of us parents and our boys. Each family was able to dress up in Hawaiian attire and get their pictures taken. The room and tables were decorated really cool and we got to eat pizza for dinner. Carter earned some arrow points this time. Carter loves being a cub scout and we are really proud of him for all that he has accomplished so far. It was a fun night.

waffles on the weekend

Our kids' favorite thing to make on saturday mornings for breakfast is belgian waffles. Cambree has a really cool Cinderella waffle iron that we use to make them with. Carter usually opts out and eats poptarts instead, but our girls love homemade waffles with lots of mrs. butterworths syrup. Calee decided she need to sit on the counter and help me cook the waffles.