Sunday, September 26, 2010

Harvest Moon Celebration

Yesterday was the Harvest Moon Celebration on 25th street in downtown Ogden. We took our kids down and they had an absolute blast. There were all kinds of fun, free things for them to do. There was also a lot of fun shopping, good food, and free concerts. It was a very fun and very relaxing day. I am glad we went.

Harvest Moon Celebration Chalk Art

In front of one of the shops, there were people drawing a giant dragon with sidewalk chalk. They also had plenty of chalk for all the kids to use and draw whatever they wanted. Our kids were having a blast helping with the dragon, and also coloring their own masterpieces out of sidewalk chalk. It was a really fun idea, and our kids had a blast.

 Cambree with her 3D chalk art glasses

The Dragon (and some girls white butt-crack!) oops!
anyway, the dragon was really cool!

Train Ride

 Our kids loved the train rides....

The Bubble Pit

Our kids' favorite thing at the Harvest Moon Celebration was the bubble pit. Our kids were a little hesitant at first, but by the end they were covered from head to toe in bubbles and having an absolute blast! Everyone was watching Carter, Parker, and Cambree and laughing like crazy. I have never laughed so hard.

Camping at Snow Basin

This weekend I took Carter on an overnighter, along with my scout troop up to Snow Basin. We have a favorite place in one of the canyons, that we like to stay. The leaves are starting to change and scenery is amazing. The weather was perfect. It did get cold during the night, and we had frost on our tent in the morning, but we stayed nice and warm all bundled up inside. Saturday morning, we woke up and watched a lot of the Xterra Triathlon athletes ride their mountain bikes past us on the trail next to our camp. It was pretty cool.

More Cute pics of Calee

Here are a few cute pics of Calee that I have taken the last couple of weeks.

Calee playing with the polly pockets swimming pool.

Calee and her dolls

Calee and the tutu train

Our girls have always had tutus, but never been too interested in them. All of a sudden Calee loves wearing tutus around the house and everywhere else, if we would let her. The cute thing about it, though, is that she calls it a tutu train. Whenever anyone comments on how cute she looks in her tutu, she says, "It is a tutu train." She is so cute!

Tayson and Maklay's Baptism

Carter's best bud, Tayson and his sister Maklay were baptized last saturday. We are so proud of them for taking the missionary discussions and being baptized. Carter used to ask us all the time why Tayson didn't come to church with us on Sunday. We have always told Carter to keep being a good friend and example to Tayson, and that one day we were sure Tayson would come to church. We were so happy when they started coming to church, and even more excited when they told us they were getting baptized. It was especially neat for me, because Tayson asked me to baptize and confirm him. I love Tayson and his family very much and it was an honor to baptize him and to be a part of his special day. I hope he and Carter always remain good friends and help each other out in life.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cliffs of Causey

Kyle and Emily tooke the kids hiking up to Causey Reservoir while we were camping up at Weber Memorial. They had a lot of fun and took these fun pictures while they were up there.

Christy the hair stylist

Christy was so excited to help our friends daughter, Makell get ready for her dance last weekend. Christy has perfected doing a million different, cute hair styles on our little girls, but she has never done hair on teenage girls, let alone for a dance. I know she had fun shopping for hair accessories in the mall and doing Makell's hair all fancy.