Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Cambree! We love You!

Cambree turned five years old yesterday. It is fun to watch our kids grow, but they are growing up way too fast. Cambree starts kindergarten this year! We had a big party at our house yesterday and had lots of family and friends over to celebrate. Cambree got lots of cute clothes and fun toys this year for her birthday. She even got a pink wiggle car! Our cousin Megan made Cambree an awesome birthday cake. It was a perfect day! We love you, Cambree and hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Weber County Fair!

Our kids love the Weber County Fair. They look forward to it all summer long. We end up spending every night out there with family and friends. Our kids love to see all the animals, they love the carnival, and all the games. Carter even won a live frog this year (no, we are not too thrilled), but he is excited about it. We pretty much did all there was to do at the Fair more than once. We ate lots of delicious food, watched the ATV derby friday night (no I wasn't in it this year. Kyley and I took this year off!) We watched the demolition derby Saturday night and it was awesome! We had a very fun weekend together as a family.

Our kids had a blast driving these cool little cars!

Carter and Emily
Cambree on the climbing wall
Carter and his best bud, Tayson
Demolition Derby time