Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pinewood Derby!

Tonight was the big Pinewood Derby. For a few weeks now, Carter and I have been working on our cars together. Carter wanted to build a army humvee, and I wanted to build a hot rod. I found a cool pattern for a army humvee for Carter, and I decided to build mine to look like ZZ Top's Eliminator 33' Ford Coupe. We had a blast working on them together. I tried to let Carter do most of the work on his car himself, so he could learn all about cutting, sanding, and painting. Our cars weren't the fastest cars on the track, but they were, by far,  the two best looking cars there. I thought Carter might be upset that he didn't finish in the top three, but he wasn't at all. He had a lot of fun just being there and racing. I am really proud of him. I enjoyed building these cars with him and watching him get so excited. I love Carter so much, and I am glad that we finally get to do Scouts stuff together.

Swimming one day, Snow the next!

I can't believe our kids were out having a water fight two days ago, and today it is snowing. That is Utah weather for you. Anyway, here is a cute picture of our girls in their matching swimming suits.