Monday, November 30, 2009

Flow Rider

Friday night Kyle called and asked if we wanted to come do Flow Rider down at the Salomon Center. Christy and I took the kids down and We had a blast taking turns body boarding. Carter was really brave and rode with us for about a half an hour. Even when he would have a bad wipe-out he would keep going. Cambree would ride on our backs from time to time. I had fun but I forgot how tiring it was. By the time we left, I was worn out. If you haven't tried Flow Rider, I highly suggest it. It is an absolute blast. Thanks Kyle for the opportunity. It is so nice to have such great family and friends and always nice to have connections at the salomon center.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Moon!

Christy got to go see New Moon today down at the Megaplex. She has been waiting for this day to come for quite awhile. Thanks to some connections, Christy was able to go with all the girls today at 5:00. It was the very first showing, and she was excited to be able to see it before most anyone else. She went to a Twilight Party last week with the girls and today she wore her Team Edward shirt. She said that she really loved the movie and that she had lots of fun. A big thanks to Carlie! Tonight Christy brought home all kinds of goodies, but our kids were loving the plastic fang teeth the most.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Disney On Ice!

We surprised the kids yesterday by taking them to Disney on Ice. We loaded them in the car and didn't tell them where we were going. That always drives them crazy. Carter and Cambree continued to guess over and over, until finally about Centerville, they guessed it. When they found out we were going to Disney on Ice, they both started going crazy in excitement. We had a fun evening together. We ate dinner and did some shopping at the Gateway. We went to the show early so we could buy the kids each a toy. Carter wanted the usual sword and the girls wanted spinning, light-up princess toys. This time it was Disney on Ice, Princess Classics. I think Carter was worried it would be too girly, but he liked it. The girls absolutely loved it. It was so fun to watch Calee and see how excited she would get and to see her dance and wave to all the characters.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Calee's first haircut!

Emily came over the other night and gave Calee her very first hair cut. She sat there so cute and let Emily cut her hair. She didn't say anything or even make a peep. She just sat there so quiet and every once in awhile she would smile a big smile. She looked so cute and like such a big girl. It is hard to see our baby girl grow up.