Wednesday, August 3, 2011

No More tonsils!

Well, Calee had surgery early monday morning to have her tonsils and adenoids removed. Many of you know that she has never been a good sleeper. She snores like a grown man, and the last time we took her to our ear, nose, and throat doctor, he told us that Calee's tonsils were huge and needed to come out. Carter and Cambree have both had theirs out and now it was finally Calee's turn. We had to be up to the surgical center at 6:30 am on Monday morning. The nurses and doctors just loved Calee. They were so cute with her and she got to ride back to the operating room in a little red wagon. It was hard not to get emotional as our "baby" was riding away down the hallway on her way to be operated on. The surgery went well and she is doing great. She was a little cranky and sore on monday. Tuesday she was already eating macaroni and cheese and playing with friends. It is amazing how fast little kids heal from things. We are just grateful for such good doctors, and for such good friends. Calee is one loved little girl. She has had a lot of people come see her, bring her presents and give her lots of hugs and kisses. Thank-you to everyone for your love and support!!!

Lava Hot Springs

Last weekend we went to Lava Hot Springs with our friends Chad & Jen Francom and their boy Josh. They pulled up their tent trailer and we pulled up our trailer. We stayed in an awesome campsite called Mary's place. It is owned and operated by the Sheriff's department up there. They have lots of trees, full hook-ups for our trailers and it is right next to the river. I forget how much I love it up there in that canyon. Thursday night we set up camp and walked down main street. We stopped and got ice cream and then walked back up along the river, watching all the tubers come down. After dinner, we went back down to the river and swam for a little while. The rest of the night we spent soaking and people watching down in the hot springs. Our kids loved it down there and made all kinds of friends. The next morning we had a big breakfast and then headed down to the big pool. We spent the whole day swimming, going down waterslides, and just hanging out. Carter and I also got a pretty good game of water basketball going. It was just a very fun and very relaxing weekend.
 The view from our campsite

 Chad and Calee

 Carter, Josh, and Cambree

Cambree and Calee's first dance recital

We signed the girls up for a little "dance camp" this summer at Julie Moffitt Ballet school in here in Pleasant View. Cambree and Calee have always been little dancers but have never shown interest in dance classes until now. They are both so much fun to watch. Calee is so tiny and so cute and her teachers just love her. Cambree is so tall and cute and is naturally a good little dancer. We were able to attend a little end of dance camp recital and watch them both. They were both so cute out there on the dance floor. We love our girls so much and feel pretty lucky to have them and be able to watch them dance.