Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Field trip to Petco

Calee's pre-school class took a field trip to Petco. Calee was super excited. She loves animals and couldn't wait to go. Because Christy is allergic to animals, Petco is the last place she wanted to go. So, I took an hour off of work and met Calee and went with her. She had a blast looking at the cats, ferrets, hamsters mice, and rats. She also loved all the fish, turtles, lizards, and birds. It was so fun to watch her and the rest of her class get so excited over seeing so many of the animals.

Bear Lake!

Our friends Bryce and Amanda invited us to go with them to Bear Lake this last weekend. Bryce's brother Jason and his wife Jill have a really nice condo that they let us stay in. Our kids were super excited. We drove up Thursday night and it was 4 degrees outside. Luckily, someone came and turned the heat on in the condo and got it all warmed up for us. We had a really fun weekend hanging out, relaxing, eating a lot of junk food, staying up late, and playing lots of games. Friday we woke up, ate breakfast, and headed to the sinks to do some sledding. We found a really fun sledding hill that kept us entertained for quite awhile. We also went down on the shore of Bear Lake and played out on the ice. We took turns throwing rocks trying to break the ice. We also ventured out as far as we could before we started hearing cracking. The weather turned out to be really nice. It was cold, but the sun was shining, the skies were blue, and everything was so picturesque.
 View from the condo at night
 View from the condo in the morning

 Carter, Cambree and Bryce

 Calee and Emmy

 Down at the beach

 Ready for launch
 check out this sweet action shot
 looking for cracks and daring each other to walk out farther