Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Carter made his first basket of the season tonight. He was pretty excited. It was fun to see him make a basket. We have been so proud of Carter lately. Not only is he getting better at basketball, but he did something last week that really made us proud of him. I coached the game last week and at the beginning of the game I passed out 5 different colored wrist bands. (We use colored wrist bands to teach the kids how to play man-on-man defense). We have 7 kids on our team and only 5 colored wrist bands. Well, one of our players got his feelings hurt because he didn't get a wrist band and started to cry. Carter saw this happen and didn't even hesitate a second to go over and give up his wrist band to his fellow teammate and say, "It's okay buddy, you can have my wrist band." It made Christy and I, (and everyone else that was watching) almost want to start crying. We were so proud of him.

Cute pictures of the girls

Here are some really cute pictures that I took of the girls this last weekend. Cambree was being her typical "silly" self. I still can't believe that Calee turns one this friday. It was fun having a three day weekend and spending lots of time at home with Christy and the kids.

Kinder Eggs

We went to the HOF german-fest out at the fairgrounds this weekend. Our kids had a blast making little castles, making gingerbread cookies and dancing the chicken-dance. One of our favorite things about going to the german-fest is buying Kinder Eggs. Anyone that has ever had a Kinder Egg knows how awesome they are. Christy and I have both been to Europe several times and we always bought lots of Kinder Eggs. Not only do you get really yummy german chocolate, but there is always a cool little toy in the middle that you get to put together. Here is a picture of Carter and Cambree opening their Kinder Eggs.