Friday, June 25, 2010

Calee and the swim goggles

Last night the kids were in the back yard swimming and Calee kept insisting that we help her put on goggles. She looked so silly running around the back yard in her little swimming suit and goggles. Half the time her faced looked scrunched up and she couldn't see too well out of her goggles.

Camp Kiesel!

Yesterday, Christy and I had the opportunity to go to Camp Kiesel with Carter and the rest of the cub scouts in our ward. The weather was perfect, the scenery was amazing, and the kids had a blast. I hadn't been back to Camp Kiesel since I was a kid, so it was fun to go back. I forgot how beautiful that canyon is and what a neat place it is. Carter was really excited to go and he had a lot of fun.

Carter crossing the rope bridge on the obstacle course
Carter shooting a bb gun
Carter and his buddy Josh
Carter and his buddy Tayson
Carter at Archery
Arts and Crafts
Me and Carter in a row boat
The whole group of boys
Closing flag ceremony

Monday, June 21, 2010

Fishing with Carter

This Friday night I got to go on an overnighter with Carter. We camped up at a campground called Jefferson Hunt which is by Pineview Reservoir. We went on a hike along the reservoir and did some fishing. We also found a neat little bridge and did some fishing off  of it. Saturday morning, we hiked along the river and found a great fishing hole. Anyone that knows Carter really well, knows that he loves to fish. He would go fishing every day if we would let him. He loves to go fishing up to Glassman's pond, and asks me on a daily basis if I will take him fishing. His Grandpa Call bought him a really nice fishing pole from Cabelas for christmas, and his Grandpa Roger likes to take him fishing whenever he goes. I am glad that Carter loves the outdoors so much. We have a lot of fun together camping and fishing.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Baseball game

Carter had a baseball game last night out in Plain City. We thought we were going to get rained out, but it only sprinkled a little bit here and there. Carter's team did awesome. Carter had two monster hits, and he also got to play 1st base and catcher. He played really well last night. I am very proud of him. It was a fun game to watch.

Cambree loses her first tooth!

Last year, Cambree chipped her front tooth. The Dentist told us to keep an eye on it and that at some point he might have to pull it. Well, we watched her tooth slowly go from white to grey and then eventually get infected. We took her to the dentist Tuesday and Dr. Healy pulled it out. He gave her a little pink treasure chest tooth holder to keep it in. She is so proud of her tooth. Last night she set it on her nightstand and had Christy write a note to the tooth fairy asking if she could please keep her tooth. The tooth fairy wrote her back saying she could keep it and to look under her pillow. She looked under her pillow and found a gold dollar and a paper one dollar bill. It was fun watching her get so excited this morning.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Our Cute girls!

Cambree and Calee both looked pretty dang cute yesterday morning. Cambree had a new pink dress with pink flip-flops and Calee had a cute little dress on. Christy did their hair really cute and I helped paint their toe nails.(Yeah, you read that right. Me, the Dad, helped paint my little girls toe nails) We got a lot of comments from people at church at how cute they both were. We love our cute girls!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Golden Spike National Historic Monument!

Sunday, we rode our four-wheelers out to the Golden Spike National Historic Monument. We learned that you can't ride your atvs into Golden Spike and park in the parking lot. We had a park ranger promptly meet us out in the parking lot and give us a butt chewing because we all rode our atvs into the park. She made us leave and park them about a mile down the road. The Monument itself was awesome. Our kids loved the trains even though they didn't quite know what it all meant. It was definitely a neat experience. I am glad we were able to go see it.

Calee, Christy, and Emily
Carter, Cambree, and Grandma "Pebbles"


This weekend we were able to go on lots of fun ATV adventures with the kids. Calee went on her first four-wheeler ride and did amazing. There was only one section of trail where she got a little scared, but the rest of the time, she had a blast. Our kids love riding four-wheelers.  Sunday, we rode all the way from Snowville to the Golden Spike National Historic Site out in the desert. It was a long ride and I was worried that our kids would get too tired, but they loved every second of it. Yesterday, on our last ride, Carter and I ran over a great big snake. We thought it was a rattle-snake, but when we stopped to look at it, it had no rattle.