Monday, October 27, 2008


I guess that Carter has been tagged. I usually hate these blog games, but I have a minute.

Carter is very smart and has a vivid imagination. He has always loved building things, coloring things, and playing with all his Imaginnext and GeoTrax collections. He loves legos and loves to build all kinds of different things with them. Carter loves school and has always loved learning. He has really become excited about reading and is doing awesomeat it lately. He is awesome at math and has been getting near perfect on his spelling tests. We are really proud of him for doing so good in school lately.

Carter loves to be with his family and go on vacations. His favorite places are Disneyland, and Lake Powell. Carter is lucky enough to go to Lake Powell at least once a year. He loves to fish and he loves to swim. Carter has taken swimming lessons every summer and just keeps getting better and better. This year he learned how to dive and pick stuff up off the bottom of the pool. He loves getting pulled in the tube behind the boat and wants to learn how to wakeboard this summer. He also loves riding the waverunners whenever we have a chance.

Carter loves the outdoors. He loves to go camping and he loves to go backpacking with me up in the Uintah mountains. He already has his own kelty pack and his own gear and has done really well packing it in by himself. He has already proven that he is quite the little fisherman. He caught as many brook and rainbow trout as I did the last time we went. Carter also loves going up to the property in Bear Lake and riding the four-wheelers on all the fun trails up there. He can’t wait to get his own four-wheeler. Carter can’t wait to be a cub scout. He already loves going to scouts with Christy and Amanda on Thursdays ,and his grandpa Roger whenever he can.

Carter is an awesome athlete. He has already played city league t-ball and baseball , and starts basketball this November. He can already throw a football a lot farther than most boys his age, and he is getting pretty good at golf. We have already taken him golfing at several par three courses, and Round Valley. He says that he wants to be on the golf team someday.

Carter has always had an easy time making friends. He is very outgoing and loves everyone. He is not afraid to talk to other kids and make friends with them. It’s always fun to drop him off in the morning and see so many kids anxious to see him. I always feel bad for the kids that wander off on their own, but it’s usually Carter that is getting them to come over and join the group. He is one of those kids that sticks up for others and defends them from bullies. He is a leader and always a good example to others.

Carter is tough and can play rough with his friends. He is not wussy like some little boys. Carter has always been all-boy. He loves playing cops &robbers, cowboys&Indians, and generally anything that involves a gun of some sort. He loves to wrestle, get dirty, ride his bike, catch snakes, and just be a boy.

Carter loves primary and loves going every week. We have raised him to know that going to church every week is important. Carter loves primary and he has a lot of the primary songs memorized. He has given many talks in primary and he already has a testimony. He loves his savior, and has a picture of him by his bed. We say prayers together every night, and he is already saving for a mission someday.

Carter is the best big brother in the world. He loves his two little sisters more than anything and would do anything for them. They are pretty lucky to have him. Sure they fight like all brothers and sisters do, but at the end of the day, he always gives them hugs and kisses and tells them that he loves them. Each morning before we head out the door for school, he also gives them hugs and kisses and tells them that he loves them. Carter is very sweet and very tenderhearted.

I know that I just mentioned more than 5 things. It is hard when you have such a great kid! I do want to say that Christy and I are very proud of him and we love him more than anything in the world.

p.s. He is not perfect by any means. He is just a little boy. He plays like a boy and he says silly things like any boy does. He makes mistakes just like anyone else. Everyone’s kids do. That is just life.