Saturday, July 7, 2012

Jarrod Dearden Family Dream Team Scramble

Friday was the 2nd annunal Jarrod Dearden Family Dream Team Scramble. Jarrod Dearden was one of my best buddies as a kid and a good friend over the years. A few years ago after he died suddenly and tragically in a plane accident, his family started this Golf Tournament at the Barn golf course in Pleasant View. I was happy to be able to golf in it last year and this year with my Dad and brothers. I think of Jared and his wife and kids often, but on Friday I thought of him a lot that day. I miss him and am so thankful that we are able to get together now every year with his family and friends and remember Jared with a fun day of golf. Jareds Dad, Craig, talked last year about how he and his wife Cheryl had golfed with Jared at the Barn just days before he died and he wished that he would have had a picture of them at the golf course together. So he decided that at each tournament he would have a spot set up where our group could each get their picture taken together.

A highlight of the day was winning this cool new OGIO golf bag in the raffle contest. I was pretty excited and Carter was really excited to get my blue OGIO bag.