Saturday, September 12, 2009

Weber Memorial Canons

Our kids thought that these guns up at Weber Memorial were pretty cool. We went on a walk up there the one night and played around on them a little bit and took these fun pictures.

Our friend Bryce (Don't ask!)

Causey Reservoir

During Labor Day Weekend we also took the kids up to Causey to swim, hike, and mess around. The kids loved it up there and I took a lot of really fun pictures of the kids. I also took some amazing scenery shots while we were up there. Carter and I could see fish over in Camp Kiesel's pond and we were tempted to try and catch some from the bridge, but there were no trespassing signs so we didn't. But, there was this fun waterfall and we had fun playing in it.

Tubing down South Fork River

Labor Day Camping

This year for Labor Day we decided to pull our trailer up to Weber Memorial and go camping for the weekend. We had several friends and family members come up and stay with us too. The weather was perfect. Our kids had an absolute blast. We played in the river a lot. We did some fishing and we did a lot of tubing down the river. I was surprised at how brave Carter and Cambree both were. I thought they were going to be too afraid to tube down the river, but they loved it. As soon as we would get done and climb out of the river, Carter and Cambree would both want to hike back up to the top and go down again. It was a lot of fun. The water was cold, but felt really good during the hottest part of the day.
Carter standing by the river next to our campsite

Carter and Cambree giving Darrin a wagon ride

Calee getting a wagon ride

Calee, our cute little camping girl