Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lake Powell 2009

We had a blast this year at Lake Powell. I threw Calee off the back of the house boat and she only cried for a second. She loved the water and would swim every chance we would let her. Carter caught tons of fish. Carter and Cambree both were crazy tube riders this year. I couldn't believe how brave they are getting. Carter tried water skiing for the first time and did awesome. Luke, Kyle, and I went wakeboarding every morning after breakfast and had a blast. The water was warm, smooth, and we all got a little bit better at jumping the wake. We were parked at an exciting beach this year. We had a rattlesnake about 50 yards from the houseboat, and we had coyotes that would come down to the water to drink at night. Carter kept leaving fish up on the beach and they would come down and eat them at night. He thought that was pretty cool. I was proud of our kids this year. They were so good and so brave, and Calee even slept throught the night every night. We had fun. It went by way too fast, but it is good to be back home in 80 degree weather instead of 104 degree weather.