Saturday, July 21, 2012


Carter and my Dad found these stylish Orange suit coats in H&M and just had to try them on. They were also digging these cool hats.

Disney Store!

The Disney store is our favorite store at City Creek and the main reason we went down there on friday! Our girls were in heaven the minute they stepped through the doors. They were excited to pick out their halloween costumes for Disneyland. Cambree is going to be Merida from the movie Brave, and Calee is going to be the wedding Rapunzel. It was so fun to watch them try on their costumes and be so excited. Carter got him a Jack Skellington t-shirt. It was a fun day and got us all very excited for Disneyland this October!

City Creek!

On Friday we took the kids and rode down to Salt Lake on the Frontrunner with my Mom, Dad, and Shandi. We spent the day eating and shopping at the new City Creek Center. The food court was awesome, the shopping was awesome, and the atmosphere is amazing. Our kids loved every minute of it. It was a very fun and very relaxing day.

Riding the FrontRunner to Salt Lake!

We rode the frontunner to Salt Lake on friday and our kids loved it! It was nice to not have to worry about traffic, gas money, or parking once we got there. Very fast and very convenient. I don't know why we don't ride frontrunner more often.