Sunday, December 12, 2010

Santa Claus

Our kids got to see Santa last night up in Pleasant View. It is fun to see them get so excited about seeing Santa Claus. Calee sat there and was really quiet for a minute. Eventually she opened up and told santa that she wants a puppy. (not a real puppy) she wants an American Girl Doll puppy named "pepper."

Western Motocross Nationals

This weekend was the Western Motocross Nationals at the Golden Spike Arena. Christy and I took the kids friday night for a few hours, and then I took Carter and Cambree last night. Our kids loved watching it. They especially loved the kids races on the minis. Cambree thought it was awesome to see so many girls racing motocross. I was amazed at how fast the pros can fly around that course. It was a rush to be so close to the action and watch them race.
 This was Cambree's favorite rider 

Some fun pictures down at Union Station

Yesterday turned out to be a nice day, so we called our cousin, Carlie and asked her to take some pictures of us. It got a little cold towards the end, but we had fun. Our kids love it down there at Union Station. These are just a few pictures that I snapped with my camera. As soon as we get pictures back from Carlie, I will post them.


New Christmas Tree

Christy has wanted a new Christmas tree for a long time. We have 10 ft. ceilings, so she has always wanted a nice, big, 10 ft. tall tree. Every year we look at them, but don't want to spend the money on a bigger tree. This year, some friends told us they were selling their 10 ft. tall Christmas tree. Originally, they bought it from Modern Display and payed a thousand dollars for it, and now it won't fit in their new house. Well, they gave us an offer we couldn't refuse. We bought it and sold our other tree on KSL. I like that this new one is pre-lit and it fills up the room. It looks amazing, and our kids love it. Calee tells people everywhere we go about our "big" tree. This year it is covered with Disney ornaments.

little brown boots

Our girls have wanted some of these silly boots that are in style right now. Well, we finally bought them each a pair and wrapped them up to go under the tree for Christmas. Calee walked out in her little brown dress ready for church and I decided she would look cute in her little brown boots. So, me being the big sucker I am, let them open their boots and wear them. I couldn't resist. They do look really stinking cute in them.