Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hashbrown Winters and the Whiz-Tastrophe!

Tonight our friend Frank Cole had a book signing party for his new Hashbrown Winters book at the Deseret Book Store in Fort Union. Frank and Heidi Cole were our best friends when we were first married and lived in South Ogden. We have tried to keep in touch over the years but it is hard now that we have kids and are so busy.  Frank is especially busy. He is an author and has published quite a few books. His Hashbrown Winters series of books are some of our kids' favorite books. When we heard that they were having a party for his latest book, we knew that we had to be there. Our kids were really excited when we told them where we were going. It was fun to watch Carter and Jackson (Frank and Heidi's oldest, who is Carter's age) act like best buddies even though we haven't hung out with them in a few years. It was a fun night and we were glad that we could be there. Frank is one of those people that keeps you laughing and smiling the whole time you are with him. We are proud of him and we owe him a big thanks, because his books have helped Carter learn to enjoy reading.

Calee's field trip to UTA

Calee's pre-school class took a field trip to the UTA in downtown Ogden this morning. Calee was super excited ride on a (City) bus today. The kids got to watch a fun video on bus safety. We were given a tour in the office building and also out in the garage where they fix all of the buses. The highlight of the trip, though, was being able to go for a ride on one of the UTA buses. They took us through the giant bus wash twice which the kids thought was awesome. It was a fun field trip!