Thursday, January 31, 2013

Silly girl!

Calee brought these silly glasses home from pre-school and we have all taken turns putting them on and acting silly. I took this cute picture of Calee wearing them. We love this silly girl!

Parent Teach Conference

We had parent-teacher conferences this week at their school and it is always so nice to hear their teachers say what good kids they are. Carter and Cambree have been working extra hard on their schoolwork lately and it shows. We are so proud of them for being good students, for getting good grades, and for being good kids. We just love them so much!!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

More Snow!

Here are a couple of views of our backyard. Our trampoline hole is almost filled to the top. Our kids love playing in the snow with their friends.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

We're going to Disneyworld!!!

I will never get tired of saying those 4 words!!! We went to book our cruise out of New York and prices went up quite a bit, so we decided to look at other cruise options. We found a fun cruise to the Bahamas that leaves out of Florida, so we booked it instead. We were excited to see New York, but we are even more excited for Florida! We cruise to the Bahamas for a week and then we will do 2 or 3 days at Disneyworld before we come home. Monday night, right before family home evening, I told our kids that I had some bad news and some good news. I told them we weren't going to New York anymore and their faces got all sad. Then I said, the good news is that "We are going to Disneyworld!" instead. Their reaction was priceless. I wish I would have got it on video. There was screaming and celebrating like you've never seen before. It was awesome! June is a long ways away, but it gives us something fun to look forward to all year. We can't wait!!!

Look who lost a front tooth!

Calee came to us yesterday morning and told us her mouth hurt. When Christy looked in Calee's mouth, she noticed that Calee had an abscess on her front tooth. Luckily Dr. Healy was able to get her right in and see her. Unfortunately he had to pull her front tooth. Calee was super brave and she got all kinds of fun prizes and a little purple tooth treasure box to keep her tooth in, from the Dentist. Calee looks so silly and so cute without her front tooth. She was excited for the tooth fairy to come last night. This morning she ran in to show us the 2 dollar bill that the tooth fairy left. She even said that she thought she heard twinkling last night and she just knows that it was the tooth fairy. We just love our cute little toothless girl!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

My SNOW removal buddy!!!

It is so nice to have a big strong soon to be 11 year old boy that helps me around the house and yard. He is also loves to help all of his grandparents out whenever he can. Tonight we went to my parents house to clear their driveway and property of snow. Carter was out there the whole time helping me and didn't complain once. I love him so much and am so grateful for such a good boy!!!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Look who else gets glasses!!!

We started noticing that Cambree was squinting whenever she watched TV or read something far away, so we took her to the Eye Doctor and we found out that she needs glasses. She was beyond excited to get glasses, which shocked us, but made us happy to hear. These days glasses are a cool and stylish, especially for girls. We looked at a lot of different frames, but these are the ones that she ended up picking out. She looks adorable in them.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Calee's birthday cake!

This year Calee decided that she wanted a Little Mermaid birthday party. Our friend Stephanie Petersen, who is an awesome cake maker, made this cute Little Mermaid cake for Calee's Little Mermaid friends birthday party today. Calee loves it! Thanks Stephanie!!!

Carter gets his Arrow of Light!

Tonight was pack night and we couldn't be prouder of Carter. He has loved being Cub Scout and he has worked really hard this last year and earned all 20 of his activity badges in Webelos. He also earned his Arrow of Light award tonight. We are so glad that he has such a love for the scouting program. He is such a good boy and we just love him so much. Now he moves on from cub scouts to Boy Scouts!!!

 Carter performing magic tricks for everyone

Package from Japan!!!

Our kids were very excited to receive a package from their cousin Carlie, who is serving a mission in Japan. They couldn't wait to open it up and see what was inside. Carlie sent them each a letter and chopsticks. She also sent Calee a little puzzle, some stickers and coin purse filled with Japanese coins for her birthday. Our kids love Carlie so much and they miss her a lot. She is such a great example to our kids. We are so proud of her and for serving a mission.

ICE Storm of 2013

I don't ever remember having freezing rain and there being ice everywhere. We did today and this is what our driveway looked like. We could have put on our ice skates and played some ice hockey. It was crazy!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A few more b-day pics

Mcdonalds birthday lunch with Mom and Dad
helping Mom make birthday cupcakes
Ending the night with big sister reading on her kindle

Calee turns 5 today!!!


We can't believe that our baby is 5 today!!! It seems like not too long ago we were bringing her home from the hospital as a brand new cute little baby girl. We just love our cute little Calee bug so much. She is so much fun and makes us laugh non-stop. We are so proud of her for doing so well in pre-school and in dance. She is such a good sister and such a good girl. Today was a fun day. She couldn't wait to get up and open some presents before getting ready for pre-school. After presents it was mini pancakes for breakfast. She got to take a birthday treat to school and of course she wanted to take sugar cookies. For lunch, I went and picked her up from school and she chose Mcdonalds. Tonight we had friends and family over for a birthday party for Calee. We made pink cupcakes and she got to open the rest of her presents.