Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Our Trip to Yellowstone

Last week we took a family vacation to Yellowstone. We pulled our trailer up and stayed at Fishing Bridge which is in East Yellowstone. My parents and sister shandi, my grandparents, and my Aunt Judy and cousin Megan all came up with us. Kevin and Mandy and their kids drove down from Montana and met us there also.Our campsite was awesome. We had Buffalo wander through camp every evening and deer wander through almost every morning. Our kids had fun with their cousins building a teepee and having nerf gun wars in the forest. In the 4 days that we were there, we saw just about everything there is to see in Yellowstone. We even got to see a bear up by Mammoth. We are lucky to live so close to Yellowstone. It is such an amazing place.

Cambree plugging her nose at the stinky mud pots
the kids at Dragons mouth

grand canyon yellowstone

the kids built this teepee across from camp
Mammoth Hot Springs
Cambree and Owen
My mom and all the kids
Carter, Eli, and Owen in their coon skin caps
the brown bear we saw up by mammoth

Us at Yellowstone Lake
Firehole river and falls

This buffalo wandered right through our camp on evening