Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Calee gets stitches!

Well, last night Calee decided to stick her finger in the refrigerator door as I was closing it. I didn't realize what had happened at first. All I knew, is that I closed the door, and she started screaming. The next thing I knew, there was blood everywhere and the tip of her finger looked like it was sliced pretty good. We covered it and rushed her over to the IHC clinic in North Ogden. They took x-rays, numbed her finger and gave her three stitches. The Nurses and Doctors at the clinic all fell in love with Calee. They were all so good with her. We go back in a week to get the stitches out.
close-up of her finger (right index finger)
Getting ready for stitches

Field trip to the Ogden Nature Center!

I got to go on a fun field trip to the Ogden Nature Center with Carter and the rest of his 1st grade class today. We rode the bus there, and we learned all about Native Americans. We went on a nature walk (and saw 3 deer). We also sat in a tradional Indian teepee and listened to stories. We finished off by learning how to grind corn into corn meal and how to cook "journey" cakes. The weather was perfect. The kids all had a lot of fun learning about nature and Native Americans. I am glad that I was able to go. It was fun spending the day with Carter.
Nature Walk

Inside the teepee

This is Carter learning how to grind corn
This is a little cup made out of a gourd, that Carter was being silly with.