Sunday, January 16, 2011

American Girl Dolls

Christy, Cambree, and Calee love American Girl Dolls. I'm not crazy about how expensive they are, but I have to admit that they do make really cute dolls. Cambree and Calee have both played with their American Girl Doll "bitty babies" so much that they are starting to show some wear. They keep telling me there is actually an American Girl doll hospital that we can send them to and they come back good as new and even wearing a hospital gown. Cambree was lucky enough to get Lanie and Kit for christmas. Here are a few pictures of Cambree and her dolls:

Sherpa Hats

We bought our kids these cool Sherpa hats for them to wear this winter. They love wearing them and they keep their ears and heads nice and warm. They look so cute when all three of them are wearing them. I made them put them on the other night so I could take some pictures of them. Calee is still so tiny, so hers looks really big on her.