Sunday, November 7, 2010

Our cute girls!

Our girls looked extra cute in their dresses this morning.

Halloween at Grandma Janet and Grandpa Roger's house

We took some cute pictures of all the grandkids on Halloween day at Christy's parents house. It was fun to see them all together in their cute costumes. Peyton and Mavrik looked really cute in their matching halloween outfits.
 Peyton, Calee, Emillily, Cambree, Tavyn, Carter, and Mavrik

 Tavyn, Carter, and Mavrik

 Calee and Tavyn

 Cambree and Emilily


Mavrik and Peyton

Halloween 2010

This year Cambree and Calee were Southern Belles and Carter was Master Chief from the video game Halo. I took the kids out trick or treating saturday night while Christy stayed home with Kari and handed out halloween candy. The weather turned out to be pretty good. We hit all the houses and town houses in our neighborhood and the kids got way too much candy. Later, after we got home, we had friends come over and we had a fun Halloween party.  I took one picture of them with Carter not wearing his mask, and the other one with him wearing his mask. He looked pretty cool in the full costume. and the girls, well they were the cutest little southern belles ever.

Halloween Parade

Christy, Calee, and I went over to the kids' school and watch the Halloween Costume Parade. It was fun to see all the kids and their costumes. There were a lot of really cute and a lot of really creative costumes.

This year's Halloween Jack O' Lanterns

We love carving pumpkins at our house. This year the kids picked out some fun patterns to try. The kids helped me scoop them out, and I did most of the carving work. My favorite one this year was the scary clown. The kids loved the disney Buzz Lightyear and Winnie the Pooh. Oh yeah, Spongebob was pretty cool, too!