Friday, December 31, 2010

Legos, Legos, and more Legos!

We love Legos at our house and Santa brought a lot this year. We have been busy the last couple of days building Cambree's Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle, and Carter's Halo Pelican drop ship. We completed them today and the kids are so excited. I can't believe how cool Legos are these days. The detail on the Hogwarts castle is amazing. I just hope they will keep them this way for at least a few weeks before they start breaking all the pieces off and losing them. We'll see........

The Gingerbread House is on fire!

Our kids were excited to go up to Grandma's house and build a gingerbread house with her and Shandi last week. Everything started out normal. They tried to make a door and windows on the front with red icing, but it ended up running all over the place. My kids decided it was a Gingerbread house that had caught on fire. From then on, their imaginations started runnig wild, from fire to bloody snowmen and a bloody gumdrop man lying on the ground outside the gingerbread house. I would worry about them, except they come from a family full of firefighters, so this is pretty normal for our family. I am just glad they had so much fun building this one.