Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Nutcracker 2012

Cambree was in the Nutcracker this year with her ballet school.They performed at the Egyptian theatre in downtown Ogden. Cambree was excited to be a sugar plum. She has been attending extra dance classes at night and working really hard to prepare for this. She had 4 performances this weekend. one on friday night, two on Saturday, and one yesterday. We were able to watch Saturday night's performance and it was awesome. I was surprised at how much Carter and Calee both loved it. It is always the best thing in the world to watch Cambree up there dancing. She did such a good job and we are so proud of her. We love her so much! Thank you to all of our friends and family that bought tickets and came to watch her and support her.
 this was right after the show. Carter and Cambree couldn't waith to see Cambree and giver her flowers
 our pretty little sugar plum

 Cambree with her Aunt Shandi and Aunt Emily
 Cambree and Mother Ginger, who is really her teacher Andrea
 Cambree and the Sugar Plum fairy
 Cambree and the main character Clara
 our cute little Calee bug in her pretty red dress wanted pictures with the Clara and the Sugar Plum fairy too