Monday, December 5, 2011

Field Trip to the Environmental Center

I had the opportunity to go with Carter and his 4th grade class to the Environmental Center on Friday. The Environmental Center is a fun place up in the mountains of North Fork in Eden Utah. They have fun activities for kids all year round. In the winter, kids get to go up and go snow-shoeing, cross-country skiing, sledding, and all kinds of other fun activities. Carter was really excited to go and that is all he talked about for a week straight.

We had a really fun day together. The weather was nice. Cold, but nice. We were bundled up in all of our snow gear and we stayed nice and warm. We had three rotations: ping pong and climbing wall (inside), geo-caching, and snow-shoeing. Carter loves ping-pong so he was happy about that. My favorite thing was Geo-caching. We each got to use a GPS unit and a avalanche beacon to find geo-caches hidden out in the snow. I had never used an avalanche beacon before, so it was neat to see how they work. Except for hiking all over the mountain, Carter thought it was great. The last activity was snow-shoeing. They bought really nice, expensive MSR snow shoes to use, which was nice and we went on a really fun hike. We found an animal hide and lots of animal tracks in the snow.


 Carter and his friend Mark

 Carter and Mark Snow-Shoeing

 all tuckered out

 Me and Carter
 Carter and Mark
Carter standing on a little bridge