Friday, September 21, 2012

Field trip to the Ogden Nature Center

Calee's pre-school class had their first field trip of the year on thursday. We went to the Ogden Nature Center and Calee was super excited. She couldn't wait to see the turkeys, the deer, and all the cool birds that they have there. Our kids have always loved everything about the nature center. Calee's pre-school class is a lot smaller this year and she is one of the oldest in her class, so it is fun to see her be a little leader and show the kids around the nature center. We love the trail with all the bird houses. We also loved the bear den. Calee was so brave and crawled through it over and over. At the end of our nature walk, the kids each got to make a pinecone covered in peanut butter an birdseed to hang out in the yard for the birds. It was a very fun day. I just love our little Calee bug so much!