Friday, June 29, 2012

Brandon and Makell's wedding

We were lucky enough to be invited to Brandon and Makell's sealing at the Bountiful Temple on thursday. We took our kids and they sat outside with Josh and all the other kids during the sealing. The temple president of the Bountiful temple performed the ceremony and he did an amazing job. We are so happy for Brandon and Makell. Our kids were excited to be there and to see them afterward, outside the temple. While they were getting pictures, we left and went down to Dicks Market in bountiful and bought a dozen of their famous sugar cookies and drinks. We also went to Brats kids in bountiful and bought Cambree a really pretty baptism dress. It was a very fun day!

Calee and Chad
Carter and Josh

our kids with Brandon and Makell

Makell at her wedding reception at the Union Station