Monday, April 21, 2014

Fun Family Home Evening night!!!

Tonight was awesome!!! We had a really neat, spiritual family home evening lesson on Easter and why we celebrate Easter. Our kids actually sat really quiet, listened and participated (without fighting) during the lesson. After our lesson we went over to the park to help Calee continue her conquest to ride her bike without training wheels. She is doing awesome! We are so proud of her! She still panics whenever I let go, but she has almost got the hang of it. A few more nights and she will have it mastered. To celebrate a really good family home evening and Calee doing so well on her bike we took the kids out for a treat to one of our favorite places, ZEPPES! The rest of the night we spent hanging out with our best friends Chad and Jen Francom at their house. It was one of those nights that was all around just awesome!!!We are lucky to have such great kids and we love them so much!!! We are also lucky to have such great friends!!!  We are looking forward to summer and many more nights like tonight!!!