Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday night with the girls

Christy went to a Relief Society retreat tonight up at the Stake camp and Carter is on a campout with his Grandpa Roger tonight, so it was just me, Cambree, and Calee. We went to dinner at Del Taco, went and played for a while out at Toads, and then finished the night with treats at Zeppes. It was a really fun night. I just love my girls so much.

Friday lunch dates

I love my friday lunch dates with Christy and Calee. Today we ate lunch at 5 guys and I snapped this cute picture. Calee has always called fridays "Me's and You's day" because she gets to spend all day shopping with Christy and then eating lunch with me. Next year she will be in kindergarten and we won't get to have our "Me's and You's day". It is hard to watch our baby grow up and start kindergarten. We just love her so much.