Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Field trip to the Nature Center

Cambree and the rest of the 2nd grade got to go on a field trip to the Ogden Nature Center today. I was able to break away from work for a little bit and go be with her. They got to learn all about different animals, what their foot prints look like, and how to spot their tracks. They also got to go snowshoeing and exploring. It was a nice sunny day and Cambree and I had a lot of fun together. We saw Turkeys, lots of different birds, and all kinds of different animal tracks. It was a fun day!

Beach Babe Calee

Calee is always making us laugh. She loves dress ups. Most of the time, if we are at home, she is dressed up as Ariel the little mermaid, or one of the other many disney princesses. Well, the other night she decided to play dress up, but this time she came walking upstairs dressed as a scantily clad hula girl / beach babe. It was the funniest thing we had ever seen. I hurried and grabbed my camera and took her picture. we especially loved the cool green and white glasses. Oh, we love our little Calee bug!

First Snow Storm this winter

We finally woke up to some snow on Saturday. I had to work at the fire station, but the kids spent most of the day out in the front yard playing in the snow. Most kids build snowmen, but our kids' favorite thing to build is a little sled hill to take their sleds down. Here are a few pictures that Christy took of them.

New Swimsuits in the dead of winter!

Cambree was invited to a friends birthday party down at Flowrider and so we surprised her by buying her a new swimsuit. Well, of course Calee found out and thought that she needed a new one too! So, they each got a new swimsuit. Calee is so tiny and skinny, that she could hardly keep her bottoms on. The other night, they thought they needed to hang out in their new swimsuits all night. Silly girls!

New Years Eve 2011

This year we had our friends, the Hardees over for a New Years Eve party. Carter played xbox, the girls played Barbies and dolls and everything else. The adults played card games and a new "Settlers" game. There was no shortage of candy and treats or Martinellis sparkling cider. At midnight, we all stopped what we were doing to do a toast to the New year and the kids decided since we didn't have fireworks this year, they would bang pots and pans out on the deck.  It was a really fun night.
just a sampling of all the goodies we had that night
playing a new "Settlers" game with Bryce and Amanda
Emmy and Calee

getting ready to toast

The girls out on the deck in their pajamas banging pots and pans just after midnight

Giant Reesses Peanut Butter Cups

Anyone that know Carter, knows that he LOVES Reeses Peanut butter cups. Well, Santa brought Carter some GIANT sized Reeses. Look how big these suckers are! We just had to take a picture of them. We told Carter he couldn't eat it all at once or he would overdose.