Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Crosbies Sealing at the Logan Temple

Christy and I were invited by our friends Charles and Karrie to the Logan temple last Wednesday to see their youngest son Noah be sealed to them. We are so lucky to be friends with the Crosbies and were very excited to be able to be with them on their special day. Christy and I both took the day off. We got the kids off to school and had a very peaceful drive up to Logan. We arrived early and had some time to wander around the temple grounds. We were amazed at how beautiful the Logan temple is. Once inside, we were able to meet some of Karrie's family and friends. The sealing ceremony was awesome and very powerful. Noah was shy and a little scared, but he did great. Afterward we were invited for an awesome lunch at the Bluebird restaraunt on main street. It was a very fun and very relaxing day. Thanks Crosbies and congratulations! We love you guys!
 I thought about parking here, but decided that I didn't want the wrath of God upon me
 The back of the Logan temple
 The front of the Logan temple

Charles, Karrie, Taylor, and Noah
Christy and I in front of the temple