Wednesday, January 27, 2010

more birthday pics

Calee's Birthday Cake

Calee was lucky enough to have an awesome princess castle cake this year for her birthday. I have three cousins, Ashley, Carlie, and Megan that all love decorating cakes and have become quite good at it. They decided Calee needed a really pretty princess castle cake. I couldn't believe how cool it turned out. I have never seen a cake that cool. Anway, Calee absolutely loved it. She is big into Cinderella lately. She calls cinderella, "lella". It is really cute. Thanks a ton girls for such a great cake. Special thanks to Megan.

Calee turns 2!

Our baby turned 2 years old this saturday. It is so hard to see her grow up so fast. Calee is still our tiny, petite little girl. She has the funnest little personality and she is becoming quite the little talker. She has done really well with her new room and big girl bed.

Calee and Tavyn on Calee's new little pink 4-wheeler