Monday, August 13, 2012

American Girl Doll bunkbeds!

Sunday night we had another little birthday party for Cambree and we had both of our families over for an ice cream party. Cambree asked my Dad a few months ago if he would build her bunkbeds for her American girl dolls. I still remember the night that the two of them sat at the dinner table drawing out the plans for it. Cambree was so excited that her Grandpa was building her a bed, and I think my Dad was just as excited to build her a bed. He enjoys wood-working and he loves his little Cambree so much. So over the last month or so, he would give her updates. He would say," today I bought the wood for your beds, or "I've started building your beds." one night he even came down to measure her dolls, so he could make sure he was building it just right. These were not just your average bunk beds. She wanted them double beds and three high, so she could fit all six of her American Girl Dolls on them. Well, he did an amazing job. They turned out so cute. He painted it white with purple bases and caps. He even made two little ladders which he painted purple. On Sunday night he brought it down and surprised her with it. My mom even sewed mattresses, quilts, pillows, and pillow cases. Cambree was so excited. She couldn't wait to put all of her dolls in for bed that night. She is one loved little girl! Thanks to everyone for making her birthday so great!