Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Carter's Birthday!

Carter's birthday was Saturday. He woke us up bright and early to open his birthday presents. He was pretty excited about getting Halo legos, a telescope, and a new camera. Then it was off to his basketball game. We played against a really good team, but Carter played really well and scored the only points for our team. We were happy to see him have a good game on his birthday. After the game he wanted to go play Halo with his friends. For lunch, we took him and his friends to Mcdonalds, and then he was off to play more xbox with his friends.
Christy's Mom and Dad came over that evening and spoiled him with presents. They bought Carter his own little safe to keep his money and important things in. They told him to look inside the safe, so he opened it up and found that they had put some cash inside for him. He was pretty excited about it. For his birthday dinner, he wanted to eat at Bella's which is his favorite restaraunt, so we met my family there and all ate dinner. Carter got to wear a sombrero while they all sang happy birthday to him. After dinner, we went up to my parents house and he opened a few more presents. My Mom and Dad surprised him with a bb-gun and Shandi & Emily surprised him with bbs, a cool target box, and some protective glasses. Their birthday card said, "You'll shoot your eye out!"  It was pretty funny. He was worried that he wasn't going to get a bb-gun for his birthday, so he was a pretty happy little boy. Carter got to end his birthday night by getting on his swimming suit and hot tubbing. I think he had a good birthday. We love Carter so much and we are so proud of him for being such a good boy! Thanks everyone that helped make his birthday so great!

 Carter and his new camera

 his own safe
 Carter's new DC shoes
 Birthday dinner at Bellas
 Carter and his new bb gun