Monday, November 29, 2010

Sami and Jared's wedding

Sami and Jared were married Saturday night up in Pleasant View. Our kids were so excited to be able to go to a wedding. Carter looked handsome in his dress clothes and his new black and red tie. Our girls look very cute in their black dresses. The wedding was very nice and we are so happy for Sami and Jared.

Cambree's field trip to the Nature Center

This year Cambree begged me to go with her to her 1st grade field trip to the Nature Center. I was able to leave work and meet her down there. Despite the cold weather and the wind, we had an absolute blast. It was fun to get to spend some one on one time with her at the nature center. We learned all about Indians, bison, plants, and we got to see all kinds of different birds. We even got to sit inside a teepee and hear Indian stories.

November Pack Night

This month our scouts had a fun pack night. Carter and his troop performed the flag ceremony, they performed a skit, and we even had a lot of fun scout cheers. Carter was excited to play the part of the Turkey hunter in their little skit. He wanted to dress up in some of my hunting stuff, so I let him dress up in some of my orange hunting gear. He also took one of his nerf guns to use in the skit. It was a funny little skit. We are proud of him for being involved in cub scouts and for earning some arrow points this time at pack night.