Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Eve

Last night was a lot of fun. We had friends over for a rockin' New Years Eve party! We had lots of good chinese food, drinking (Mountain Dew, that is), games, and treats. I bought Star Wars Clone Wars for the kids to watch. The funnest part of the night was playing Rock Band and Rock Band AC/DC on the Wii. The singing is the funniest part. It is always fun to watch each other make fools of ourselves trying to sing rock and roll.
Christy, Amanda, and Bryce
That is Carter behind those fireworks. Bringing in the new year.

Christmas 2008!

My favorite time of year has always been Christmas. I love Christmas music, I love Christmas lights, and I love reflecting on the Saviour's Birth. It is so fun having kids and watching them get so excited on Christmas eve. Carter had to sprinkle reindeer food in the front yard and in the back for Santa's reindeer. They also left Santa cookies and milk. Carter came and woke us up Christmas morning all excited, because he had already snuck out and peaked to see what Santa had brought. He didn't hesitate waking up his Sisters so we could all go out together. Santa was really good to our kids this year, maybe too good. All I can say, is that they are spoiled. Oh well, they deserve it. They were exceptionally good kids this year. Here are a few pictures of Carter and Cambree's favorite gifts.
Carter's favorite present this year was his Nintendo DS

Cambree's new purple bike

Cambree got lots of Barbie stuff this year

This is one of Cambree's favorite presents. She wanted this silly cupcake maker so bad! She has already been busy making us cupcakes to eat. She is so silly!

Calee's first Christmas!

This was Calee's first Christmas and it was so much fun to watch her experience everything for the first time. She loves Christmas lights and she loved our Disney Christmas tree. She also loved sitting on Santa's lap. It was fun to watch her play with the wrapping paper and all her new toys on Christmas morning. Here are a few pictures of her on Christmas day.

Carter loses a tooth!

Carter lost one of his front teeth right before Christmas. He wiggled it for days, but would not let us pull it out. Finally one day, I just reached in and pulled it out. He has another one on the bottom that he is been wiggling lately. I am sure it will be coming out real soon. While Carter is losing teeth, Calee is getting teeth. She has two little teeth poking through on the bottom in the front.