Monday, August 23, 2010

Old Ephraim's grave

Camping girl Calee

Calee. So dirty, but so cute!

Our ATV ride up to the waterfall

Saturday, we took the kids on a fun ATV ride up to a really pretty waterfall. The water comes out from the side of the mountain and is freezing cold. That didn't stop all of us from taking off our shoes and socks and wading through the river. Carlie climbed to the top of the waterfall. We all walked around until our feet were numb. Carter and Josh found fish and were trying to catch them. It was a fun day.

Sitting in the river

One afternoon while the kids were playing in the river, I decided to take a chair down and sit on it in the river. It was very relaxing. The water was cold, but it felt very good.
Me and Calee just "chillin"
Eli and Cambree
                                    Christy, Calee, Emily and Isabelle

Taking the kids fishing!

One evening we went up the road to a little reservoir and did some fishing. I think the kids had more fun playing with the cat-tails than anything. Oh well, it was beautiful up there and very relaxing.

Camping in BlackSmith Fork Canyon

This Weekend we went camping at Left Fork of Blacksmith Fork Canyon. It is beautiful up there, and our kids loved it. They played in the river every chance they could get. Our kids were excited to see their cousins and Carter's friend Josh also came up camping with us. The canyon is gorgeous, the weather was perfect, and we got to do some fishing and go on a lot of really fun rides on the 4-wheelers. We took Carter and Cambree up to see "Old Ephraim's" grave. They got to see it a few years ago, but they were excited to go back and get to see it again.

"Little Calee" fishing from the bridge
Carter, Cambree, Eli, and Owen
Cambree and her cool sunglasses and helmet
Carter outgrew his helmet and had to wear this pink one (he was not happy about it!)
                                                       Little Calee getting ready to ride

Weber County Fair!

Our kids love the Weber County Fair! We went all 4 days. They got to see and do just about everything there was to do, at the fair. They love the animals, the games, the climbing wall, the go karts, and everything else. Christy and I love the food, and the demolition derby the most. We had a fun time this year at the fair. The Demolition Derby was especially exciting this year, drivers getting hurt, lots of drunk people, fights breaking out, people getting arrested. Even lifeflight came to fly one of the hurt drivers. It was pretty wild!

Go Karts!

Trampoline Bungee!

Cambree's favorite thing at the fair is doing the Trampoline Bungee. She is even braver than Carter at it, usually going a lot higher than most of the kids.

Rock Band!

There were a few booths at the fair that had Rock Band competitions. Anytime we would lose Carter and Josh, we could usually find them playing Rock Band. They hung out at the Weber State booth for quite awhile one day until we finally had to drag them out of there.

Climbing Wall

Our kids love the climbing wall at the fair. Even Calee decided she wanted to try it this year. She looked so cute and so tiny in that harness. It didn't take her long to get scared and start crying, but I was still proud of her that she was brave enough to try.