Sunday, November 9, 2008

Cute in brown & pink!

Our girls looked really cute today at Church in their matching brown and pink dresses. I can't tell you how many people commented on how adorable they are. Today was the Primary program in Sacrament meeting. I was so proud of Carter and Cambree. They sang their little hearts out. Cambree is the singer in the family. I am amazed at how many primary songs she knows word for word. I always love hearing primary children sing. The spirit was so strong today in sacrament meeting. It was awesome.

These are Cambree's "scripture specs" that she made in her primary class today. She was so proud of them. Of course she had to wear them home today. Tonight when I tucked her into bed, she was wearing them. What a Silly!


Calee is at that age where everyday just gets funner and funner. She crawls all over the place exploring, and now she has been pulling herself up and standing against things. She has learned how to clap and wave bye-bye. She is getting into everything and finding stuff to put in her mouth everywhere she goes. She has really kept us on our toes, but I think this is my favorite age. Calee is such a little sweetheart. Some days it is hard to go to work. I would just rather stay home and play with her.