Monday, December 26, 2011

New pajamas on Christmas Eve!

We let our kids come home and each unwrap one present from us, on Christmas Eve. They each got a new pair of pajamas. Carter got new Call of Duty pajamas, Cambree got Justin Bieber pajamas, and Calee got new reindeer pajamas. They were excited for new pajamas and even more excited for Santa to come.

Christmas Eve at Grandma's House!

Every year we spend Christmas Eve up at Grandma and Grandpa Call's House. We make a big breakfast of belgian waffles, eggs, bacon, hash browns. After we eat, we all pile into Grandma and Grandpa's front room and have a special Christmas family home evening. Everyone is invited to prepare something to share with the family if they would like and then we all sing Christmas carols together. This year, our kids played Jingle Bells with hand bells. Shandi helped them practice and get ready for it. They did such a good job! Grandma also read a few Christmas stories. It was a very fun night.


Kevin's kids are in town and Carter, Cambree and Calee have had so much fun spending time with their cousins. On Christmas Eve we had a family friend come over and take some family pictures. Here are a few pictures of the kids that I snapped with my camera.

Zoo Lights!

We decided to go to Hogle Zoo this year for "Zoo Lights." It is something we have never been to before and thought it would be fun to try. Our kids were super excited for it. It was EXTREMELY COLD, but we were all bundled up and my mom brought hand warmers for all of us. We also stopped and got some hot chocolate while we were there. Our kids loved all the lights and they loved riding the carousel, but they were disappointed that they didn't get to see all the animals.

Christmas Village!

Our kids love going to Christmas Village every year. We decided to spend family night down at Christmas Village looking at the lights. It was cold, but our kids had a blast looking at all the lights and all the little village houses. We stopped halfway through and stood by the fire and drank hot chocolate. It was a really fun night together!


There is a little Christmas tree lot in downtown Ogden that has live reindeer for kids to see. We took our kids down to let them see them and take some pictures. Our kids got a real kick out of seeing "real" reindeer.

Cambree's class performs the Grinch!

Cambree's 2nd grade class performed the Grinch and parents had the opportunity to come and watch. Unfortunately, I was not able to make it because of a busy work schedule, but Christy was able to go and record it and take pictures. Here are a couple of pictures of our cute little Cambree. We are so proud of her and love her so much!

Fantasy at the Bay!

We took our kids out to Willard Bay, to see the Christmas lights at "Fantasy at the Bay." Our kids really wanted to do the hayride, but it was too cold, so we opted to drive through in our car. It is always fun to see what new light displays they have come up with. It is also fun to see the same Cinderella pumpkin carriage that we had at our reception when Christy and I were married and had our Disney themed wedding reception.