Friday, April 11, 2014

Cambree's field trip to the Dinosaur Park!

Today was Cambree's field trip to the Rock and Mineral Show at the Fairgrounds and then to the Dinosaur Park. I was able to meet Cambree and be with her and her little group of friends. Since the Rock and Mineral show was at the fairgrounds, My mom, who works at the fairgrounds, was also able to come and meet us there. She bought each of the girls a back of rocks, popcorn, and drinks. It was a lot of fun. For lunch, I stopped and got Maple Express for Cambree and I and then it was off to the Dinosaur Park. We were given field guide books and an assignment to find certain dinosaurs throughout the park and write down things about them in our books. Our group did awesome! Not only were we the first group to finish, but then they wanted to try and find every dinosaur and check them off the list. They are fun group of girls and it was a really fun day. I love our Cambree Lou so much and am so glad I could be there with her today!!!