Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Golf Season!

Carter has golfed since he was little, but this year he has decided he wants to take it more seriously. We signed him up for golf lessons this summer and he couldn't be happier. He is in the same group as his friend Will, and he we got to meet his instructors and some of the Weber High golf team coaches. Carter now has a new goal to be on the golf team some day. Especially after hearing that they get out of school early to go golfing and that he can earn a scholarship. Carter begs to go to Toads and hit buckets of balls whenever we get the chance. I am so proud of him for the little athlete that he is and that he has already developed a love for the game of golf. He already has such a good little swing and can hit the ball pretty far. We are pretty excited for a weekend full of camping and golfing up at Round Valley this memorial weekend.

Our Nissan Armada

We have been contemplating selling our Nissan Armada and getting something else, like a smaller SUV or even a crossover. Something that gets better gas mileage. We even put it up for sale on KSL and had lots of calls. Finally, we had a couple from Sandy want to buy it and Christy and I just couldn't do it. The more we talked about it, the more we realized we absolutely love our Armada and we had to tell them we couldn't sell it to them. The other night after I washed it, we were sitting on the driveway hanging out and I took this picture with my iphone. I was amazed at how cool this picture turned out.

Happy Birthday Natalie!

Monday was Natalie's birthday, and she had to spend it up in the ICU at Mckay. Our kids miss their Aunt Natalie and wanted to do something special for her so we came up with the idea to take some fun pictures that we could frame and take up to her along with some presents and balloons. These are the pictures that we took. We were able to see Natalie and talk to her for a minute. She is doing so much better, but she still has a long road ahead of her. We just keep hoping and praying that she will continue to get better and be able to come home soon!