Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Calee's new shiner!

This weekend Calee decided she needed to stand on one of her little red plastic chairs in her room. Well she lost her balance and fell and hit her head on her bed. She now has a black eye on the left side. She looks so silly and so cute at the same time. Luckily, she is ok. Here are some pictures of her right after it happened. I will have to take some current pics. It is darker and more colorful the last few days.

Cambree's field trip to the Fire Station

Cambree got to go on a field trip with the rest of the 1st grade to the fire station. I was able to go and meet her there and take some fun pictures. She was excited to be there with her classmates and her friends. It was a "b" shift and Gordon, Jeremiah, Travis, and Evan did a great job giving the kids a fun tour.

Carter gets his WOLF!

Carter is loving Cub Scouts! He was so excited to have earned his wolf. That is all he talked about for days. We are happy that he loves being a cub scout so much. It is fun to see him get so excited about scouting and to pass things off in his scout book. He is pretty lucky to have some fun scout leaders that plan fun things for the boys. Thanks Kari and Ashley!
This is Carter and Parker trying to work together and make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Carter could only use his right hand and Parker could only use his left hand.

searching for that perfect pumpkin!

We took our annual trip out to Lyle Dabb's farm to pick out pumpkins. It is a fun little farm on the side of the road in Farr West. He always has lots of good pumpkins to choose from. There are also lots of animals running around and fun things for the kids to do. This year there were some tiny little kittens and the kids were loving them. The kids love picking out their pumpkins and carrying them over to the big scale to weigh them.